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The Transport Group are local people with an interest in all forms of transport, particularly, walking, buses or cycling. We currently have a core of five members, two of whom are REAP Trustees.

This Group aims to work with local transport providers and other interest groups to create a more user-friendly transport network in and around Roundhay for leisure, school and work. We are seeking ways to reduce everyone's local carbon footprint by encouraging walking and cycling as well as greater use of public transport.

Leeds Cyclists

First Bus

Bus times - 2, 3/3A, 12 and 13/13A


The Transport group has:

  • Produced, with the support of LCC, two maps of the Roundhay area, one for cycling and one for walkers and bus users. This free map is available at the Oakwood Farmers' Market or can be downloaded
  • Participated in the Roundhay Live event
  • Lobbied for better transport links and connections, which are really important to busy people. We will continue to lobby for a bus between Roundhay and St James’ Hospital and the LGI.



Leeds City Council is in process of reorganising the transport provision in Leeds. We will support the introduction of an Oyster type card and greater integration of transport scheduling and provision.

The Transport group is working to produce an app for the free local map.

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The transport group meets on a regular basis and always welcomes new members and new ideas. If you have ideas or suggestions or would like to join the group please email them on transport@reap-leeds.org.uk.