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Leeds Roundhay residents taking positive action to reduce energy consumption and live more substainably

Roundhay Environmental Action Project - REAP

Energy in Roundhay

In the time since REAP was set up people have become much more aware of fuel costs and choices and what we can do to reduce the amount of energy we use to mitigate our impact on the planet. 

Through our energy initiatives we have worked to raise awareness and provide information, most recently via our energy survey.

For the future we will be focusing on community energy initiatives, what Leeds City Council is doing and looking out for opportunities to get involved.


REAP Energy Survey

Our own Energy Survey showed the most commonly used companies in Roundhay and Oakwood are ranked 15th (British Gas) and 22nd (Npower) in the Which? Review Customer satisfaction survey - 22% of us use British Gas and 22% use Npower. Only 9.6% use the top performer (Ovo Energy), 4% use Good Energy (ranked 2nd) and 4% use Ecotricity (ranked 3rd).

The Which? site also gives information on the fuel mix used by each company. The Energy Survey shows the percentage of fuel from renewable sources versus the percentage of fuel from coal.

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Through events and information we want to raise awareness of what we can all do to cut our fuel / energy bills.

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REAP Gardening wants to help our community to grow as much of our own food as possible.

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REAP Transport is working to raise awareness of the most eco-friendly and fuel efficient ways to get around.

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REAP Events are working to raise awareness of more sustainable living & reduce our carbon footprint.

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