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Spring Plant Swap
REAP Gardening Group are holding our annual SPRING PLANT SWAP at the Farmers Market on Saturday 20 May. Bring your surplus seedlings, cuttings and divisions and swap for something new.

REAP Survey reveals wide range of Members’ interests
Thank you to all of you who took part in our recent survey and gave us so many interesting and positive ideas. The trustees enjoyed speaking to 44 members and were very encouraged that 75% of you want to be more involved in REAP activities. We will make sure that this happens through direct contact, the update and forthcoming events.

What you said
You want REAP to support, inspire and facilitate local residents to do more, individually and together to combat the Climate Emergency and protect the environment and secondly you want us to bring likeminded people together to share practical ideas and experiences about how they can make greener and more sustainable lifestyle change.

What next?

  • The REAP trustees are continuing to plan activities in response to ideas from this survey.
  • Practical tips, information about events and opportunities for participation and volunteering will be included in the regular member’s updates and REAP Facebook posts
  • Over to you – If you have seen something in this report that you would like to do or have an idea for an activity that REAP could support, please get in touch.


Look out for news on what future plans REAP has to increase the pace of how we address climate change in and with our community.

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Past events and key successes

Photos of REAP events

View the REAP AGM Presentation from Fruitworks

Roundhay Live

REAP hosts a regular stall at the market which is available for free to local community groups looking to showcase their activities and grow their membership. Contact us for details or ask at the market.

Future Plans

For the future we are developing work with local schools. Find out more by having a look at what events are being organised.


Now is the time – the Climate Emergency is the biggest challenge in our lifetime and has grave implications for our children and grandchildren.

Be part of the solution by joining REAP. Membership is free. Please use the application form and we will get back in touch.


Thank you to all of you who took part in our recent survey and gave us so many interesting and positive ideas..

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Through events and information we want to raise awareness of what we can all do to cut our fuel / energy bills.

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REAP Plastics wants to help our community recycle and reduce our use of plastics.

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Gardening at REAP


REAP Gardening wants to help our community to grow as much of our own food as possible.

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REAP Transport is working to raise awareness of the most eco-friendly and fuel efficient ways to get around.

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REAP Events are working to raise awareness of more sustainable living & reduce our carbon footprint.

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Get in touch with Roundhay Environmental Action Project.

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